To come fully online in Juny 2017


OPENING         Overview of bifacial world 2017

ISC Konstanz

SYSTEMS        Short talks on different bifacial systems

INES (overview), Yingli, Sunpreme, 8me, enel, PI Berlin, Solarspar and others

SOLAR CELLS Different bifacial solar cell technologies

ECN (overview), LONGi, SolAround, RCT, Jolywood and others

MODULES       Different bifacial module technologies

ZHAW (overview), LG, 3sun, Meyer Burger, M10, REC and others

BIFACIAL GAINS (EXPERIMENTS, SIMULATIONS AND LCOEs)      Presentations of bifacial system gains and costs

ISC Konstanz (overview), Polysun, INES, ISC Konstanz, ZHAW, IMEC, ECN and others

MEASUREMENTS, QUALIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS                  Presentations of cell and module characterisation

Passan (overview), h.a.l.m., Aurora, TÜV, ISE and others

BANKABILITY            Discussion on PV bankability and status of bifacial PV

Meyer Burger (overview), EURAC (discussion with panelists)