Dear Bifacial Friends, I’m honoured to welcome you to the 2020 Bifacial PV Workshop in China!


In recent years, solar photovoltaic proved to be the most cost-effective renewable energy source surpassing 500 GWp installed capacity. Recent LCOE of less than 3 cents/kWh has been reported in some countries. With extra energy generation from the rear side, bifacial PV technology has the capability to further reduce the PV LCOE far below grid parity.

In 2020, the bifiPV workshop will be organised in China together with SiliconPV conference and nPV workshop. This combined conference will be extremely useful for the PV researchers, manufacturers, system EPCs and investment agencies, providing the flavour of all segments of PV at one place. While, the focus of SiliconPV and nPV will be more on upstream product technologies, the bifiPV workshop will focus more on downstream, i.e. applications and penetration of bifacial in main stream PV. The goal of this workshop is to discuss challenges and opportunities in bifacial world with major focus on innovative bifacial system design, outdoor performance modelling and field data analysis, reliability and bankability issues as well as novel bifacial cell/module technology. Our invited speakers are from leading PV companies, research institutes, finance institutes etc, thus covering a wide scope for bifacial PV innovations.

We hope to see you at the bifiPV workshop in Hangzhou China!

Sunny wishes and best regards,

Yan Wang, SERIS