Dear Bifacial Friends, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018 Bifacial PV Workshop in sunny Denver!


If this years’ trade shows are any indication, Bifacial PV has made it to the mainstream!  The trend is clear – PV manufacturing is shifting towards higher efficiency cell technologies, and module construction techniques are allowing the full power of the sun to be collected – from the front AND backside of the module. 

The 5th installment of the Bifacial PV Workshop hosted in the United States will focus closely on challenges faced by PV integrators in the deployment of bifacial PV modules, including field test results, site prospecting, financing of bifacial PV projects, and energy yield estimation.  Of course, we will also present on recent progress in bifacial cell and module technology including efficiency and bifaciality gains.  Also, details of new bifacial system installations will be reported on as we learn of them.

The market research firm TaiyangNews has projected a global 2017 bifacial module production of 300-400 MW, with an expected doubling in 2018.  At the time of the 2017 Bifi workshop, the largest reported bifacial PV installation had a capacity of 50 MW, and  I now hear that Yingli has broken ground on a 100 MW bifacial system, to begin operation in June of 2018.  What does the future have in store for Bifacial PV?  Come to BiFiPV 2018 in Denver to hear all about it!


                                                                                     Sunny regards,

                                                                                     Chris Deline, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)