Dear PV-scientists,

after having reached grid parity in many areas in Europe, the integration of photovoltaic into buildings and landscapes becomes an essential challenge to further increase the share of this renewable energy source.

This is the right time to launch the first workshop on bifacial solar cells as the majority of the scientists start to realise that they will play a significant role in the future of PV. Therefore we invite you to the "bifiPV" workshop to discuss with us the future of bifacial applications.

This first workshop will take place in Konstanz and will cover important topics such as devices, measurements, standards and applications. The two-day workshop (23rd and 24th April 2012) is organised by the University of Konstanz and ISC Konstanz. The four to six presentations in each session will be chaired by experts in this field followed by a panel discussion with all the speakers in order to clarify the most critical issues in this field.